Selling is a Science and an Art

Dear Valued Customer

Embracing harder and deeper work will be of no value if we don’t take on board your logical and emotional need.  We are pulling all our weight to establishing your need before coming up with the appropriate solution.  We are doing our level best to ensuring that it becomes very gratifying when we will be able to solve your problem bearing in mind that that outcome can be unpredictable as buying mood itself is nowadays different and dynamic .  Studies have shown that over 66% of people stop doing business with you due to bad attitude of the employees while only 9% do so because of price factor.

So, our team members are competing among ourselves to have this positive attitude with a sense of belonging and pride in our profession.  The burning desire to succeed together with customer oriented mind set will be our core concern.  It is becoming clearer that there is a big difference between transactional and relationship selling especially when you are on online retail sales.  Customer service will be the key as we will never forget you and never let you forget us.

Rest assured that we will not sell anything to anybody.  We will practice the Pixar Pitch as far as possible by having short summary of the point we are trying to make.  It will be a literal picture of information symmetry with no haggling and transparent commissions.  We will ensure that we don’t have asymmetry in available information so that honest dealings drive dishonest dealings out of this online and e commerce market place.

Enjoy your safe and simple online shopping experience.


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