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The Smaller Meaning of Life

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When it comes to the meaning of life, very often we relate it to a particular goal, mission statement, career path, status or simply moving from point A to B or to Z.  So, basically we associate it to which goals we have achieved and which we cannot and will not.  What is more crucial and fundamental is to ask the right questions instead of giving the wrong answers.  Who are we? And what do we want? 95% of the population never answers either one.

Therefore, there is a need to do justice to our life and being.  Of course, we cannot answer those questions in one sentence, paragraph, one page, or ten pages.  Yet we have a tendency to be constantly oversimplified, completely without contradiction, and entirely too positive (not Covid +ve!!!).  We fabricate all the stories we tell ourselves about our lives.  Life stories are lies.  We go through the world with a false self-image.  You see, computers store raw data using bits – the smallest unit of information while we store in our brain not raw data but processed data making compact, consistent, and more dangerously casual stories.  We want to make a good and clearer sense of those contradiction-free stories, devoid of holes.   

With the rise of knowledge and higher education around the world (for instance the number of adults in the US attending colleges has quadrupled since 1970) while embracing the core values of enlightenment namely reasoning, progress, and science, we are looking more and more on the larger meaning of life – why we are on this earth, does the universe exists and pushing mortality to a higher height, etc.  Has this modernity not failed while we waste our time chasing the bigger and larger meanings of life.  The present pandemic of the new Coronavirus is not an illustration of the maze of mystery, uncertainty, paradox, and duality that appears before us on our life’s path.

Hence there is badly the need to awaken the golden seed buried within us that yearned for the simple pleasures that had been replaced by technology.  So, the smaller meaning of life is massively important with realistic goals because, in the end, there is no guarantee of achieving it but if you don’t have one then you are guaranteed of achieving nothing as rightly pointed out by Seneca 2000 years ago.


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