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Dear Valued Customers

Our life is more heavenly than hellish thanks to the power of networking.  People have been socializing in particular places for millennia.  In fact, from our earliest times, our progress has been driven by success in groups and as the world is becoming more densely populated, the connection between us are expanding, affecting our lives positively.  It is hardly possible to overate the value of networking.  It underpins everything we do, from surfing the intent to communicating with friends and friends of friends.

As the internet boomed in the late 1990s, our world is becoming smaller and smaller where acquaintances are playing more useful role than friends.  Even nowadays this is true despite the fact that people are not able to congregate due to social distancing imposed by Covid19.  We are all linked.  Networks are and will be ruling the world be it with strong links, weak links or random encounters among family, friends or fools.  It is bringing bi g breaks with lives becoming longer, healthier, safer and more prosperous worldwide.

We may not believe in chance or coincidence but the world is a giant radar machine and what we are radiating will not go unanswered.  What goes around, comes around.  This is a lovely big cycle with a chain of reciprocity stretching around all our contacts – the invisible links.  There could be a thousand-to-one jackpot and that is why Nassim Nicholas Taleb stresses on maximizing the serendipity around us.  The avenues of opportunities coning from people we don’t spend much time can be more beneficial in an oblique or sideways manner.

Hence there is need to cultivate and maintain those links based on your open and varied networks.  It enables fresh information to seep in apart from the pleasure of seeing people.  And what you measure, you manage so that you can count on the number of social or business meetings you have or even the number of quick and hot cups of coffee/drinks you are sponsoring.  This is the third place after home and work.

So, it may sound a bit far fetched and out of the blue but weak networking matters most than strong ones.  Online social networks have further enabled the chain of contacts but it can cut both ways with wonderful and dangerous things.  Better be a super connector with eyes, ears, hearts and heads wide open with random means but focus ends.

See you soon.



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