You are What You Think You are

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In this present world dominated by rational thinking, the main challenge will still be on how to accelerate and sustain growth and development with a thin component on sustainability.  These rational model assumes that decision makers have available, complete and reliable information.  In fact, it assumes too much brain power or decision making capacity.  In reality, decision makers have imperfect knowledge about means and ends relations.  Inappropriate information about the relative efficiency and effectiveness of alternative means leading to frequently decisions being ambiguous.  To cope with reality, decision makers do not maximize instead they satisfice.  They accept those solutions which are good enough rather than the best, that is, go for the second best.

This is so simply because much of human behavior is puzzling and the appropriate explanation can be distilled in our thinking.  Our thinking does regulate our action.  There is no basic rational in appearing or dressing well yet it matters as it helps you think right, sharp and being important.  Our appearances talk while first impressions last.  Hence respect your appearance as it is vital.  When we look at the best then you will think and act at that level and that is why it is said that quality is far more important than quantity.

Can you now imagine why some people are successful, command confidence, loyalty and admiration while others do not?  Why some people stay at one level all their lives?  Their thinking plays a larger part in keeping them at that level.  Upgrading your thinking upgrades your actions and this definitely produces success.  So, similar to what you eat matters, what you think matters too.  We need to think like successful and important people and that is why much have been researched and debated on role modelling.  Hence we have to think that our work is important as we send majority of our wake up time there.  Think again.

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May 8, 2023

Many thanks for the detailed information.

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