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The Equation of Time

The Equation of Time

Dear Valued Customer

When we talked about watchmaking, we are referring to luxury and refinement described to perfection while demonstrating the skills in the multidisciplinary fields of technology, style and sales.  We have those fabulous collections combining their complexities together with the purity of watchmaking to meet the expectations of enthusiasts and delight watch devotees all around the world.  However, it is good to note that there is a difference between the solar time and those masterpiece watch time.  This is called the equation of time.

In fact, the earth would have been a perfect clock if it went in a perfect circle around the sun.  But our planet’s orbit is elliptical which implies that the length of the day in a year varies from 23 hours 44 minutes to 24 hours 14 minutes.  This variable time is known as the solar time.  Our watches go round in perfect circles showing days that are exactly 24 hours long, the average duration of the solar day.  This is what we know as mean time.  The difference between mean time shown by our watches and the solar time of a sundial is called the equation of time.

Some good watches with its different complication do take on board the equation of time and that’s where you find that they are designed to function without correction till 2100.  It is also nice to note that there are four times in a year where the difference between the solar time and our watch time is zero, that is, the equation of time is zero namely on April 16, June 14, September 1 and December 25.  We need to celebrate those birthdays even more joyfully!!!


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