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Why You Should Own a Smartwatch?

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Timepieces are known worldwide for having class, sophistication and culture and we also know that the traditional wristwatch has been a status symbol for both women and men.

But although the history of smart watches dates back to only 25 years, there is no debate that the Apple Watch completely changed the landscape of both wearable technology and watches.  In fact, it’s now responsible for more sales than the entire Swiss watch industry combined. And if you add the other big players with Google’s Wear OS and Tizen OS for Samsung’s Galaxy line, it makes up a big chunk of smartwatch sales along with Apple’s juggernaut without forgetting the fitness-minded connected devices like Garmin and wearables like Fitbit. 

So smart watches are everywhere and they’re here to stay. Many of us own both traditional watches and smartwatches while some still eschew anything connected on their wrist.  Smartwatches do have a bevy of different capabilities that traditional timepieces do not.

Explore the vast yet compact world on your wrist!  

With a smart watch, you will be able to have time talking to your wrist but also you’ll end up doing much, much more.  Whatever you want to achieve―peak health via sleep-tracking and an app-based fitness plan, the ability to navigate your way out of a scary forest at night using the GPS and torch functions, or just a convenient method of finding your mobile―everything you need to know about the amazing device on your wrist is right here at your fingertips.  

These are the 15 common functions of a smartwatch:

  • Help with driving or walking directions
  • Connect your phone from afar
  • Use voice search
  • Stay informed about breaking news, weather alerts and more
  • Use apps to read books, listen to music, or shop
  • Respond to messages and emails
  • Be stylish with interchangeable bands that will pair well with various ensembles
  • Get au fait with display and buttons 
  • Keep in touch via calls, texts, and more 
  • Manage your media, finances, health, work, and more  
  • Dive into the wonderful world of apps 
  • Chat with friends on Walkie Talkie
  • Check your blood oxygen levels and other health and fitness monitoring metrics
  • And even unlocking your hotel room door with a casual flick of your wrist
  • Finally, it tells time!!!

We can now fully understand the desire for traditional watch wearers to evolving into wanting a watch that is current with the digital age…the smart watch.  It’s important that we stay relevant in our style…while at the same time keeping an open mind to new technology.


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