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Wearing a SmartWatch does not make you Smarter!

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Dear Valued Customers

Wearing high-quality watches and smartwatches has always been a pride especially for those wearing them for the first time. However, nowadays this practice is being taken for granted with the coming of even more luxurious mechanical and digital watches.  Smartwatches have not been spared from this trend.  We just wear them for reasons other than its core function of telling real-time. The pity is that people wear smartwatches in the belief that they will look and become smarter. 

For instance, very often people disregard the basic principle of being on time and are late in both their formal and informal meetings although they do wear watches of different brands and quality, giving and showing them the real-time.  In fact, if you don’t respect your own time and your colleagues’ precious time then how can you pretend to be professional in your approach.  It is simply turning a blind eye to things that can give us the right start to positive feedback and making a show of creativity management to count for more than actually doing something that can seriously change the way we work.

To be smarter, we need our extrasensory perception to sense the problems looming ahead and see around the corners.  This goes beyond wearing smartwatches and having higher IQs, EQs, and other bits of intelligence.  Hence what matters boil down to practice, real hands-on experience, critical thinking heartfully and mindfully. We should never forget that an albatross’s giant wings prevent it from walking. We should find and grow our golden seeds – the seeds of capabilities and possibilities. We need to identify and cultivate our natural competencies and gifts to find our third eyes.  


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